One or two visits per day, where love and attention are top priority.

Wash and refill water bowls twice daily, feed your "babies" (dogs, cats, fish, birds etc...)

Administer medicines as required (no injections)

Daily cleaning of litter boxes.

Basic grooming if required.

Also included - switching lights on and off, opening and closing of curtains and blinds,

bringing in the mail and a property check.

Regular updates via WhatsApp, e-mail, FB.


catanddogfeedingAdditional Services offered but not inclusive:

Grooming of Persian and other long haired cats.
Bathing of Sphyxes and dogs.
Cleaning and changing of litter boxes.


  • Northcliff
  • Roosevelt Park
  • Montgomery Park
  • East Town
  • Waterval Estate
  • Montroux
  • Risidale
  • Emmarentia
  • Linden
  • Greenside